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The Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

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Let us start by saying this is not one of those crazy blog posts on the magical benefits of cayenne pepper. Nor an unrealistic diet where all you get to drink is water with pepper for 5 days, and miraculously lose 10 pounds. Nope. We don’t only think that is insane, but also extremely unhealthy. Truth be told, we are curious to know why Cayenne Pepper suddenly turned out to be a must in your pantry. Aside from the fantastic flavor and that tangy taste, it gives to your dishes, why is Cayenne pepper the new superfood (or should we say, super spice)? So without any false dietary promises, here are the Benefits of Cayenne Pepper and how you can easily incorporate them into your diet!

Health Benefits

The cayenne pepper is a type of Capsicum annuum. In other words, a type of chili. Many of its health benefits have to do with its main property: capsaicin. Capsaicin is a chili pepper extract found in Habaneros and Jalapeños for example, and it is believed to have analgesic properties. Actually, it has been used in Native American cuisine and medicine for years, and like many spicy fruits (yep, a chili with internal, edible seeds is a fruit), cayenne pepper is packed with nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, manganese, among others.

According to Health Line, it may also boost your metabolism, improves digestion, help you reduce hunger, help detoxify, and might even lower your blood pressure! Who knew, right? But even if you are incredibly impressed by all of its benefits, promise us that you will not take a tablespoon of cayenne pepper, there are better, tastier ways of getting all those benefits.


How to add it to your diet

For starters, you can add cayenne pepper to practically any dish: pasta, tacos, soups… and use as much as you like! Although, this will totally depend on your tolerance for spice. But there are, however, two recipes that we are in love with, and where we feel the benefits of cayenne pepper really shine -

Cayenne pepper detox drink

Mornings are all about setting the pace for the day. Whatever your morning ritual is, make sure you incorporate this drink, we are pretty sure it will boost your day and get your digestion going! The best part is, it’s really easy to make and takes no time at all.

You’ll need:

  • a tbsp of cayenne pepper
  • half a lemon
  • ginger
  • honey

Add a tbsp of cayenne pepper, the juice of half a lemon, a bit of grated ginger, and a few drops of honey, to a glass and fill it with hot water. The amount of the ingredients can vary according to your taste preferences. For instance, if you love the taste of ginger, feel free to add as much as you like.
On the other hand, if you are one of those people who will not give up their morning coffee, fear not! Why not, add cayenne pepper to your lunch and dinner with a homemade sauce?

Cayenne pepper homemade sauce

You’ll need:

  • 5 red tomatoes
  • 1 white onion
  • cilantro
  • 3 Cayenne Peppers
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • Salt & Pepper

Chop the onion, the tomatoes, cayenne peppers, and peeled garlic, and add them to a pot. Cover the ingredients with water and bring to a boil. Once boiling, reduce heat to low and simmer for 20 minutes. In a mixer, mix the ingredients along with the cilantro and salt & pepper to taste. Next, add two tablespoons of cooking oil to a pot, and pour in the mixture. Simmer for another 20 minutes with the heat turned to low.

The secret to tasty salsas is… seasoning. The more patience, the richer the salsa, so let that baby cook!

Extra Tips

As you know, being the spice lovers that we are, cayenne pepper is a distinctive ingredient in the Just Spices Family. With careful consideration of your tummy’s desires, these are our favorite - cayenne pepper - JS blends:

And if you are craving other Just Spices-Crafted recipes, that may suit your hunger, have a look at these delicacies -

In what other recipes should we use cayenne pepper? How do YOU add it to your diet? Let us know in the comments below!

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