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Posted on December 14 2016 by Amina Karic

Christmastime is here at last! For some of us, this time of the year involves holiday cheer and watching Love Actually with a fresh cup of eggnog in our hands. Unfortunately, for the rest of us the holiday season gives us stress when we think of the pile of presents we need to buy for everyone- despite our busy schedules! Thankfully, our new spice bundles just came out. Anyone could use good spices in their kitchen, and a good set of them can provide that much-needed inspiration to experiment with different cuisines. In other words, if you’re still on the lookout for a gift, this article is for you. 


For him

for the love of rubs

Guys are notoriously difficult to shop for. What are you going to do, get him the dvd compilation of The Walking Dead? It's already on Netflix anyway. A spice set is much more practical and the perfect way to get him away from the tv and into the kitchen getting crafty instead. This is our first spice set exclusively dedicated to rubs- the best gift for any meat lover.

The first spice in the set is our original Steak Rub. It's made with the perfect combination of crushed pink pepper, herby oregano, earthy cumin, bold mustard, and some smoked salt. Believe me when I say that it will make your meat smell irresistible once it’s sizzling on the grill.

Next, our Seafood Rub packs in the flavor on your fish and shrimp dishes with intense citrus flavors, crushed chili pepper, and fennel seeds for the fragrance!

The third spice blend we included is our classic Pork Rub. It’s great on baby back ribs or pulled pork. We love the balance between the subtle sweetness of the brown sugar and the sharpness of the spicy cayenne pepper.

Fourth and last, we have a true classic, our Hickory Rub, which is responsible for creating that perfect smoky flavor. Smoked salt and sharp black tellicherry pepper make it really savory. We countered it with zesty orange peel, exotic cardamom, and warm brown sugar. The Hickory Rub will be your go-to spice when making smoked salmon or turkey and anything else you’re inspired to smoke!

For the Love of Rubs, $26.99For the Love of Rubs Just Spice

For her


In all seriousness, this set is a jackpot. Each spice in here is a treasure mine of flavor for health foodies and athletes alike, making it the perfect gift to leave under the Christmas tree this year. 

First we have our own unique Oatmeal Spice Blend. You can’t find this anywhere else since it’s our very own unique blend of ground almonds, fresh coconut flakes, rich cocoa, aromatic vanilla bean, warm cinnamon, and bold ginger.

Next up is another must have- the Savory Eggs Seasoning. Enjoy the essential amino acids and high protein from eggs with our rich blend of crushed sea salt, lemony tellicherry pepper, tangy paprika, herby parsley, and chopped chives.

Thirdly, our Sweet Potato Seasoning turns the world’s healthiest potato into your favorite meal with intense ginger, bold yellow mustard seeds, fresh garlic, warm nutmeg, and spicy chili pepper.

And finally, we saved the best for last- our Smoothie Boost! This drink is jam packed with vitamins and effortless to make, so we couldn’t help but add our own spiced touch to make it taste even fresher and more delicious than ever.

Sporty Spice, $24.99


 Our sets will help you make your friends and loved ones happy this year.


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