We love meatballs! And you will too!

Posted on March 09 2017 by Amina Karic

Meatballs are not only super easy to prepare, but can also be perfectly twisted to each individuals’ taste! You like meatballs with basil? Your grandma likes meatballs with garlic? And your neighbor likes them with dried tomatoes? No problem, with meatballs you can send everyone to their own little food heaven.


How to prepare meatballs?

Okay got it, meatballs bring me in my very own food heaven, but how to prepare them?

First, you need (surprise) minced meat – we prefer 100% ground beef. To get the perfect consistency, add 2 slices of white bread. Grate the bread and toss it in a small bowl with milk. Now, combine the soaked breadcrumbs with the meat, one large egg, salt (see Murray River Salt), pepper (see Tellicherry Pepper), and grated onions. Now the fun part begins. Add everything you love to give your little friends more flavor and then season thoroughly. We recommend adding some parmesan, garlic, or chilli and seasoning with our Flavors of Italy Seasoning. Once the flavors are mixed into the meat, form small meatballs. Let the meatballs refrigerate for at least 15 minutes so they keep their shape when roasting. Fill some oil into a skillet and put on high heat. Once heated up, decrease the heat and add the meatballs to the skillet. Simmer the meatballs, covered, and swirl the pan occasionally until the meatballs are cooked. Ready are your yummy meatballs!


What is the perfect occasion? 

The diversity of meatballs are our second reason to love them. There are multiple occasions at which you can crave these delights. For example, on a nice BBQ day in Italy, savory meatballs are essential as they are easy to prepare and have a short cooking time. Meatballs are also the perfect dish to serve on big family feasts. Children love them, granny loves them, everybody loves them and your feast easily becomes a culinary highlight. And even for ordinary suppers there are many ways to enjoy your meatballs: spaghetti, rice, potatoes, bread – there are plenty of choices! If you want to prepare your meatballs Italian style, just serve them with a marinara. A great marinara sauce is easily prepared. All you need is to boil strained tomatoes in a pan and season it with salt, pepper, and our Pizza Seasoning.


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