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different spices from around the world are used in our seasonings.


seasonings are waiting for you to spice up your meals.


of unique taste explosions to discover!


Are you desperate sometimes when you need a pinch of cardamom seeds or cumin to cook a particular dish? Are you also sick of buying a whole pack of a certain spice only to use a tiny portion of it?

We felt the same one evening when we were cooking with friends. We wanted to prepare an Indian dish, for which we needed like 100 different spices - well, at least it felt like that. It was very annoying that we needed to buy these big portions of spices for a one time thing. And of course really expensive as well! At the very same evening we had the idea for Just Spices.

We are Florian, Ole and Bela from Dusseldorf (Ok, Ole lives in Cologne which means a big difference here in Germany, but that’s a whole new story). Deeply passionate about cooking and food and total proponents of good taste, we want to boost your food experiences with some fancy mixes of taste explosions. Our mission is to spice up your life.

We want you to have fun in the kitchen, to experiment and to find out what big difference spices can make in terms of food. Be brave – cook african, balkan or scandinavian. We want your taste buds to be happier than ever! This is why we founded Just Spices. Imagine if there weren´t any spices! Chilli wouldn’t be spicy, Curry would just be stale. The excitement of eating would change into an unagitated ingestion.

This is why we want to give you the spices you need to make every meal uniquely enjoyable. By the way, one side effect may be, that you will get the official celebrity chef in your clique, which isn’t a bad honor, right? This year, we even went on a round-the-world trip for you. Our aim: To find the best spices and herbs in the whole wide world and to bring them home where they belong – in your kitchen!

We visited the kitchen of the world and looked into every pot: In Italy we cooked the best pasta of the world and in Mexico we prepared the most authentic tacos that you can imagine. We especially enjoyed the spicy and aromatic kitchen of India. Together with local chefs we cooked the most authentic dishes such as an original chickpea curry - and of course we brought the spice recipes with us to share our experience with you!

We also learned about the “Cajun kitchen” in the US and how to prepare delicious crawfish. We want more spices in the world, more zest in life and new taste sensations every day. Long story short: we are looking for the optimum. Therefore we always try to improve: We are driven by our passion to provide you with only the best and highest quality spices in the world. If you have requests or great ideas - just let us know!