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Around The World Bundle

Around The World Bundle

"Discover spices for That Take You Around The World!!"

  • Of Our Best Spices That Brings The Spices of The World!
  • The perfect way to Travel Without Traveling!
  • Makes cooking delicious meals quick & easy
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  • Thai Allrounder (55g)
  • Stir Fry (70g)
  • Mexican Allrounder (57g)
  • Gyros (55g)
  • Italian Allrounder (60g)
  • Turkish Allrounder (65g)
  • Indian Allrounder (65g)
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  • Delicious food.

    With a specially designed spice mix for just that dish.

  • Cooking made simple.

    All the spices you need in just one go.

  • Every day made easier.

    Save time and energy – without losing anything in taste.

  • Natural enjoyment.

    100% natural and vegan ingredients.

What's Included In The Around The World Bundle

Who knew cooking could be so fun?

Get creative in the kitchen with these 7 versatile spice blends, you’ll never run out of ideas again. Make it taste perfect. Bring a world of new flavors to hundreds of delicious dishes in no time. Something for everyone. Help friends & family expand their repertoire of recipes by giving as a gift!

  • Seasoning blends for meat to veggies
  • Try new dishes every day
  • Easily prepared & ready in a flash
Around The World Bundle

Travel Without Traveling!

Travel without traveling with our new Around The World Bundle! Featuring seven hand-picked blends from different corners of the globe. Our Thai Allrounder and Stir Fry will bring the vibrant flavors of Thailand straight to your home. The Italian Allrounder is the perfect spice to bring every Italian dish to your kitchen. Make it a taco night with our Mexican Allrounder making each party easy and delicious. Bring in the breeze of the Mediterranean sea with our Turkish allrounder and Gyros! Last but not least, our Indian Allrounder is your ticket for world renowned Indian Cuisine. From Indian curries to biryani topping, this will be sure to be perfect for every dish! Each spice is carefully crafted to bring the authentic taste of its origin to your kitchen. Embark on a global tasty journey with every sprinkle!

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