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Taste of Italy Bundle

Taste of Italy Bundle

"Discover spices for Authentic Italian Meals!"

  • Of Our Best Spices That Bring The Taste Of Italy to your kitchen!
  • The perfect way to spice up dinner time!
  • Makes cooking delicious meals quick & easy
Standard 415.0 oz
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  • Italian Meatball (60g)
  • Bolognese (50g)
  • Pasta Allrounder (50g)
  • Caprese Topping (65g)
  • Italian Allrounder (60g)
  • Red Tomato Pesto (60g)
  • Tomato Sauce (60g)
  • Italian Panini (45g)
  • Bruschetta (45g)
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  • Delicious food.

    With a specially designed spice mix for just that dish.

  • Cooking made simple.

    All the spices you need in just one go.

  • Every day made easier.

    Save time and energy – without losing anything in taste.

  • Natural enjoyment.

    100% natural and vegan ingredients.

What's Included In The Taste of Italy Bundle

Who knew cooking could be so fun?

Get creative in the kitchen with these 9 versatile spice blends, you’ll never run out of ideas again. Bring a world of new flavors to hundreds of delicious dishes in no time. Something for everyone. Help friends & family expand their repertoire of recipes by giving as a gift!

  • Seasoning blends for meat to veggies
  • Try new dishes every day
  • Easily prepared & ready in a flash
Taste of Italy Bundle

The Taste Of Italy at Home!

Savor the authentic flavors of Italian cuisine with our "Taste of Italy" spice bundle. This Italian seasoning set features nine specially curated blends to enhance popular Italian recipes. The Italian Panini spice blend adds a tangy edge to your sandwiches. Meatball spices offer a robust flavor, creating mouthwatering Italian meatballs. Bruschetta spice blend provides a burst of freshness, turning simple grilled bread into an Italian delicacy. Our Pasta Allrounder introduces traditional Italian herbs to the beloved pasta, enhancing its flavor. The Bolognese spice mix ensures a rich and savory sauce, a perfect match for any pasta type. The Caprese topping spice, ideal for salads, offers a distinct contrast between the creamy mozzarella and ripe tomatoes. Our Italian Allrounder is a versatile mix including classic Italian herbs, perfect for a range of dishes. Red Tomato Pesto and Tomato Sauce spices offer two distinct flavor profiles, one enhancing the sweetness of ripe tomatoes, the other highlighting their tartness – both are must-have staples for Italian cooking. Each blend, stored in eco-friendly containers, captures the essence of Italy, promising an Italian grandma's kitchen experience. With the "Taste of Italy" spice bundle, every meal becomes 'La Dolce Vita.'

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